Dolphin fitness – One Best Dolphin Assisted Therapy and Down Syndrome

Dolphin fitness Assisted Therapy ( DAT ) is a relatively new treatment that has become very popular for children with learning disabilities such as autism , Down syndrome and attention deficit disorder , and patients with epilepsy cheap fitness equipment , cancer and depression.

The authors argue that the DAT stimulates the immune system and increases the learning capacity of 2-10 times , with a retention rate of 50 % in a year. However, this therapy is not without its cheap fitness equipment detractors. Researchers and psychologists are concerned that this growing craze is dangerous for humans and dolphin fitness , is too expensive and has not been scientifically proven. That said , it is important to understand the basics of DAT found in dolphin fitness communication .

Dolphin fitness language consists of a series of clicks , hisses , meows and barking . These sounds produce powerful sound . Although complicated, the basics seem relatively simple sound waves resonate between the skull and sternum , moving through the spine , creating a relaxed state (similar to  the brain wave called Alpha ) where our bodies produce great struggle against infection and T cell disease and endorphins . Furthermore causes a “phenomenon called cavitation (a tear of the molecules ) . ” ( R.Blow 01 , 1995). Apparently this hole created by the cavitation is filled with curing these critical molecules and sends in strength throughout the body dolphin fitness .

Life Positive gives an example of the result: in 1995 , ” a child with leukemia … with only a few months old … ” , received treatment dolphin fitness and ” experienced a cheap fitness equipment complete remission to date. “

According cheap fitness equipment , working with dolphins increases learning of children with autism or Down syndrome 2-10 times faster than non- DAT . Following the success of specific tasks , children are rewarded with dolphin fitness interaction . Because children love to be with the dolphins as much as possible used exercise equipment , this award is an effective tool , which in turn creates positive memories associated with the task , which leads to long-term conservation .

With over 150 Dolphin fitness assisted programs worldwide , it seems that this therapy is beyond criticism. This is not the used exercise equipment case.

In 2007 , Lori Marino , a researcher at Emory University , and Scott Likened , a clinical psychologist , began campaigning against DAT , saying : ” DAT is bad for people and for dolphins ” His reasoning is logical .. No long-term studies dolphin fitness have demonstrated the effectiveness of DAT, and “five studies [ review] , for the effectiveness of DAT were invalid . ” ( From the website Wildlife Extra)

Despite sounding is used in modern medicine to break kidney stones and gallstones , their argument is that the sonar of dolphin fitness is much less potent , although dolphins communicate regularly during treatment , many do not. Your well-being is essential for behavior and communication. However, at cheap fitness equipment the request of DAT , significantly threatened used exercise equipment . At present , it is well regulations ” non-existent or loosely executed on capture of dolphins. Though most dolphins are kept in captivity in the United States, many are captured by the most brutal and tortuous and purchased by U.S. institutions dolphin fitness .

It is estimated that many used exercise equipment of them are trapped in an amount equal killed or injured . Many are separated from their peers and / or calves. This cheap fitness equipment can lead to aggressive behavior and unpredictable. This dolphin fitness creates a risk for all concerned , especially the children.

Dolphin fitness are also very social mammals . Captivity , separation , isolation and stress often lead to illness and / or death. Putting children in a cheap fitness equipment tank with a sick or dying dolphin may increase the risk of infection to the child and dolphin fitness in question.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy is clearly controversial . Sonar is a clinically proven therapy and reward children with a wonderful adventure like swimming with dolphin fitness clearly favor effective teaching and learning strategies cheap fitness equipment . However, the risks for these gentle and intelligent mammals , and those who are supposed to cure, must be considered carefully by all interested DAT . The risks are not without warrant , and dolphin fitness are certainly more clearly documented the benefits .

In conclusion, before considering DAT , do your homework . Institutional research , and how they come to cheap fitness equipment their mammalian care dolphin fitness , as they directly affect your child . Talk to the professionals and those who have completed treatment , and be open to both positive and negative feedback . Remember that the goal of many systems is not necessarily the dolphin fitness care of your child or dolphins in question.

Dolphin fitness – One Best Dolphin Assisted Therapy and Down Syndrome

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