Marcy fitness – Top Fitness Related Best Company


Marcy fitness products are available throughout Europe and the Middle East, and popular to have a better range of home fitness equipment . The products included in the Marcy brand is marketed and distributed by Escalate International Ltd , the world renowned manufacturer of sporting goods British concession Escalate Sports marcy gym , Inc.

Marcy Fitness Equipment were the result marcy gym of in-depth knowledge and experience of Walter Maryann constant practice in the field of physics who helped found the name ” Marcy ” of fitness products in 1946 and to continue the activity until the end of eighties. He pioneered the concept of home gym equipment and started manufacturing fitness equipment for bodybuilding and fitness popular personal level marcy gym .

During marcy gym the U.S.S.R. , when the fitness industry new business exploded and spread throughout the world, the small level , but the famous Marcy production unit were collected Climbing fun Giant Manufacturing , Inc. and many other companies . Since 1992 , investment , development and marketing strategy Climbing is still work to spread the product packaging over the entire surface Marcy European countries for its Swansea , UK based sales office , Escalate Escalate International Ltd International sells products Harvard Marcy fitness brand sports and ping pong Career .

Today, marcy fitness offers a wide range of fitness equipment for home and specialty products for the beginner to expert level , and for all ages serious marcy fitness enthusiasts . Marcy products includes exercise bikes, weight benches , elliptical machines, rods, plates , racks and dumbbells free weights , several multilevel gyms , trampolines and accessories for building and other exercises marcy bench .

Team most marcy fitness famous are the Marcy home gyms . The MP Series models ( MP 2500 Home Gym , MP 2106 and MP 3500 multi multi ) are perfect for domestic use . The GCS Dual Stack multi good for allover workout while MW 1602 Multi is perfect for upper body workouts . All marcy bench products are enriched with Marcy centennial experience combined with rich escalating research and development to provide the best quality marcy fitness products .

Marcy fitness – Top Fitness Related Best Company

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