Feline acne – Acne on Your Cat’s Chin Harmful to Him


All the time I thought that only teenagers have acne and here I am about to tell you about the fact that cats are ” feline acne ” also . It is certainly a condition that is usually harmless , but can be unpleasant and should ask for some attention feline pancreatitis .

The feline acne ? Is a condition that affects both male and female cats . It is characterized by an eruption of small black spots that appear on the chin of a cat. It usually starts around the age of one year and may vary in intensity feline diarrhea throughout the life of a cat.

 Feline acne is a chronic disease that can be periods of remission and the condition can control most of the time very easily at home with readily available products .

What causes feline acne ? Feline acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands in the form of black spots, black crusty feline pancreatitis substance on the chin or a small bump located on the chin.

In fact, excess keratin, a significant portion of the cat hair follicle , which can clog the hair follicle and causing the problem . If by chance some bacteria or other infectious agents are stuck in a pus-filled boil look can form and will require the attention of your veterinarian.

A cat may just have a little or as much as 20 blackheads and can be a problem , you can manage with little concern . However, if your cat has much more than that , a visit to the vet to be considered for medical treatment feline acne .

The exact cause of feline acne this condition is unknown . Possible causes are dirty , food and water bowls Laden bacteria , allergies feline pancreatitis , poor grooming habits , possible genetic predisposition, and of course clogged hair follicles . The good news is that most cats do not get this disease.

How can you tell if your cat is ? These symptoms are usually mild and will actually look like your cat has a case of feline acne pimples. This is something that even with vision problems can not be missed feline diarrhea.

Other symptoms may include swollen red pores , a look of inflammation or irritation , possible loss of some or chin hair may appear black dirt that will not wash . If you have not paid much attention to your feline pancreatitis cat lately and suddenly you see the buttons on the chin with a substance could be the future in them , I suggest an immediate trip to the vet for some kind of medical care. These can be very painful for your cat and can affect the overall health of your cat.

The myths that have feline acne surfaces . There are several myths that have arisen with respect to the causes of feline acne . The first is feeding your feline pancreatitis cat using plastic containers. Plastic bowls do not give your cat acne , concede that must be kept clean and washed every day , feline diarrhea but a glass container for dirty could say the same thing .

It was also feline pancreatitis said that cats are sloppy eaters and feline acne sufferers has not proven true . Even the cleanest of all cats can get.

Stress is another thing that is rumored to be one of the causes of feline acne and also unfounded . If a cat were in tension sufficient to cause acne , it would be a nervous wreck and have more feline acne problems.

Feline acne – Acne on Your Cat’s Chin Harmful to Him

Feline acne, Feline, Acne

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