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I sometimes hear from people who fear diffuse hair loss they have noticed in their focus on the areas of the scalp of androgens could mean that they have ontogenetic alopecia telegenic effluvium instead . One diffusion biology area that I often wonder about the temples , especially women.

I heard someone say . . ” I’ve been losing hair for about 5 months, I know it’s time to move losing diffuse hair loss Sometimes I think my hair loss is diffuse , but when I look at my head , I think that the most affected in the temple area . If I take my bangs and pull them back, it is easy to realize that my temples were removed and thinned. I wonder if it is possible for me to have if I have telegenic effluvium significant losses in this area. I know that this area is often a blow when you have diffusion biology ontogenetic alopecia , as androgens ” .

Before I give you this is just my opinion, I must say that I am not a doctor or even an expert . I am a layman who has developed opinions because of my own experience and research. So please ask your doctor about your specific concerns. In my own experience , my hair loss around your current course. But diffuse hair loss in the middle of it , my temples were extremely thin . I’m afraid that this meant that I had was female pattern baldness .

My diffuse hair loss started after I left the pill, which is a situation that is known to run different types of hair loss, so my trip was not very representative of what type of hair loss could have. And , only time could tell me that one day my hair loss stopped , indicating telegenic effluvium. So, this is my own theory that this type of temporary detachment can occur in the temple area and I’ll tell you why diffusion biology.

I realize that people can talk to me and say that the decline temples are indicative of the loss caused androgens, diffuse hair loss and I understand that. But it is my theory that some people have a significant diffuse hair loss for a long time .

Diffuse hair loss frankly diffusion biology , even complete temples is an area that is more scarce in volume than other areas of your scalp .

 Not only that, diffuse hair loss but this area has many beautiful hair , baby that do not provide much coverage to begin. ( You can see all the pictures for confirmation . )

So diffuse hair loss when you are considerably excretion ( as is the case of FTE ) , it follows that an area already full of baby hairs diffusion biology and sparse area will be a blow when you lose a lot of hair . I think this is also true of the crown.

When my hair loss was at its peak , I developed in my crown thinning . It got so bad I had made a small party line that formed an L-shape in the back of my head as my hand began to diffuse hair loss crawl down diffuse hair loss.

So to answer the question posed, it is my opinion that in some cases , people with telegenic effluvium notice significant diffuse hair loss at the temples and it turns out that did not result in the loss of androgens. This diffusion biology was my experience . I’m not saying that this type of loss is not due to ontogenetic alopecia anyone suspicious . I understand why you would. But I think a certain temple area can be an indication of more than one type of diffuse hair loss .

Diffuse hair loss – One Best for Control Hair Loss Naturally

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