Chemo hair loss – Hair Loss Best Solution To Chemotherapy


Hair is one of the first body parts that are severely affected by chemotherapy. But this should not be reason to despair because once chemo hair loss has successfully eliminated carcinogens in your body or your treatment comes to an end , hair regrown may occur after a period of time.

Chemo hair loss cars

Chemo hair loss uses powerful agents to kill cancer cells growing in your body. Unfortunately for cancer patients , chemotherapy drugs are unable to distinguish between cancer cells and other cells such as growth responsible for keeping your hair healthy and grow. Therefore, chemotherapeutic agents also work in the destruction of the hair cells and result in hair loss .

The type of chemotherapy which are the object and the dose and frequency of treatment may affect the nature and severity of chemo hair loss . You can know exactly what to expect from your chemotherapy treatment in consultation with your doctor.

Reduce the need for hair regrown after chemo hair loss

While hair growth is largely possible after you finish your chemotherapy, and there are things that can be done before or during treatment to reduce the need for hair regrown after . Prevention is still , after all, the best chemo care medicine.

scalp hypothermia chemo hair loss

This is also known as chemotherapy . This method uses ice packs and other objects and the like, and place them in areas of the scalp chemo hair loss . These instruments to reduce the effects of chemotherapy and thus the possibility of loss of hair too.

Unfortunately, scalp hypothermia is not without faults. The process itself is uncomfortable. Moreover, by reducing the effects of chemotherapy has minimal risk of recurrent cancer cells in the area of withe scalp chemo care .

Monoxide hair regrown after chemo hair loss

It is one of the chemo hair loss two treatments approved by the Food and Drug Administration U.S. for hair loss . It is a topical chemo care solution that is applied directly to the affected areas of your scalp. It can be used for both men and women , although they are encouraged by the use of the formula of 2% instead of 5 % solution .

Monoxide is , however , said to be more effective for women than for men . After a certain period of time, users may experience chemo hair loss regrown usually at the top of the scalp.

Coping with chemo care

Of course , whatever the method used to protect hair regrown only produce visible results after several months. During this time, you still have to adjust to having less or no hair . It is a very difficult time , chemo care loaned here are some things you can do to relieve the discomfort caused by the temporary loss .

Chemo hair loss – Hair Loss Best Solution To Chemotherapy

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