Guinea pig hair loss – Guinea Pig hair loss Best Treatment


The mites can be a serious problem in guinea pigs . If left untreated , could lead to serious complications and even death . This is why it is absolutely essential to treat guinea pig hair loss mites are identified .

Contrary long haired guinea pig to what many people think , mites do not have to be purchased by the pigs suddenly . It is a fact that many pigs actually harbor mites on their bodies to a large part of their lives. These mites are generally guinea pig hair loss as the immune system of pigs , which live only in the skin unaffected.

However, when the pig’s immune system weakens or when certain essential nutrients are missing, the mites have the guinea pig hair loss opportunity to attack and this is what causes all the itching long haired guinea pig and scratching .

symptoms guinea pig hair loss

The most common long haired guinea pig signs of scabies in guinea pig scratching . If you keep an eye on your guinea pig for a while and scratching or biting a lot lately, it certainly could be due to dust mites . If mites are really bad , they could make the pig scratch or itch intensely and causing injuries and loss of hair on the skin of the pig guinea pig hair loss .

If you are not sure if the mites are really guinea pig hair loss the problem, it would be a good idea to visit the vet and make sure long haired guinea pig .

treatment guinea pig hair loss

The best way to treat an infection of mites is overreacting ( Biome for example). If you have identified mites in one or more guinea pig hair loss of their pigs , is a good idea to start treating all pigs has not only infected . This is because the mites can also spread to the whole group .

Infected pig itself should receive topical application or injection of overreacting. To do this, get a topical cream overreacting ( Biome as) at your local pharmacy and apply on the skin wounds of his pig. If the condition is severe , a veterinarian should be allowed to address the problem and then give an injection . Otherwise , guinea pig hair loss please treat the infection until completely gone . Continue treatment for two weeks, just to be sure .

Furthermore, moving the pigs guinea pig hair loss out of their cage and completely clean. Remove all hay there and replace it with a new batch.

prevention long haired guinea pig

It is common belief that often leads to hay mites , so it could be almost impossible to keep the pigs get them. What you can do however, is make sure your guinea pigs always get fresh hay and quality ( and other foods) to minimize the guinea pig hair loss possibility .

Also long haired guinea pig do not forget to mix feed their pigs to keep them well fed and this will keep your immune system strong and to ensure their health.

Guinea pig hair loss – Guinea Pig hair loss Best Treatment

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