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Canada supplements is a world leader in product standards of health supplements , so they have strict requirements when it comes to fish oil supplements . In fact, most fish oil supplements sold in the U.S. would be illegal to sell in Canada! And Canada is not the only one of these omega- 3 products are also illegal in Sweden and Denmark .

Canada supplements and soon will be in the UK and Norway. Why? The answer has to do with how the inviolability of omega -3 fatty acids are, or the ease with which your body absorbs and uses . The explanation is a bit technical , but I’ll make it as simple as possible.

Why fish oil is also beneficial to health because they contain omega -3 fatty acids . Omega-3 fats are mainly, but the good fats that are essential for health. When Omega-3 are found in nature in fish exist in the form of canada supplements a triglyceride .

This simply means that each molecule contains three omega – 3 fatty acids attached to the glycerol fatty acid , alcohol-based . These are not the kind of triglycerides as the doctor checks the blood, so you should not worry about it canada supplements .

A sad reality of our industrial world is that most fish contain canada supplements toxic levels of pollutants, if fish oil extracted from them must be purified .

Most manufacturers use a purification process called molecular distillation to achieve strict purity levels . However, omega -3, which originally came in the form of triglycerides are converted then converted into a new molecule called ethyl (or canada supplements EE) ester. The glycerol molecule in the triglyceride ( TG o) is replaced by a molecule of ethanol .

So what ‘s the problem ? An alcohol base is as good as any other , right? Actually , no, there is no significant canada supplements difference that makes it illegal in many countries! It turns out that omega-3 EE is much more difficult for the body to absorb more natural TG omega – 3 .

Canada supplements In fact, clinical studies have shown that the TG to an absorption rate of more than 300 % , which means that its counterpart U.S. is only about one third as effective as TG ! But this is not the end drawbacks.

Ethyl ester ( EE) omega -3 is broken down to be used by the body at a very slow pace – up to 50 times slower than triglycerides ! For these reasons, EE fish oil is actually illegal in canada supplements and the other countries mentioned . However, they are perfectly legal in the United States.

Sounds like a catch-22 . If you do not want to consume the poisonous toxins that are present in fish oil , so you have to settle for a fish oil that is poorly absorbed and is difficult for your body to use , right ? Try again ! EE actually can become TG canada supplements .

Canada supplements and fish oils thus purified sold in Canada . But this begs the question : If TG omega -3 is much better than EA , why not U.S.

manufacturers follow suit and create products TG ? Cost , of course! It costs about 30 % more to turn back into EE TG , and since most American consumers do not know the difference , most U.S. manufacturers do not mind paying the extra cost.

Canada supplements – One Top Supplements in Canada

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