Fitness town – The Best Gym and Fitness Club


The Edge Gym & Fitness town Club is an exclusive , upscale fitness center catering for men and women demanding located in Woodbridge , New Jersey. Founded in 2004 by entrepreneur and personal trainer Mike Hughes, after sport town a private personal trainer for over 10 years.

Over a period of five years, Hughes has both private clients and new growth of the company to 160 paying members. However, fitness town with the installation of high quality equipment unit class, qualified instructors and trainers, Edge sport town Gym benefits were too thin and the company operated at a loss in their first two years.

The early stages of marketing fitness town

Getting fitness town clients on board were private customers Gym Hughes to announce its new gym. For the first year , the membership grows only by the value of the mouth. At year end , Edge Gym happened to 55 members.

In 2005 , Hughes launched a website for the fitness town gym and started advertising in local newspapers . Investment Marketing for websites and news paper ads in 2005 was $ 20,000, which made 45 accessions for the year.

Sponsorship Program fitness town

Sport town that selling exclusivity is difficult challenge, Hughes hired McAfee Marketing, a marketing company in the Woodridge area . ” The problem is you can not advertise everywhere, word-of – fitness town .

Boca fitness town was more important than blowing up our message through town” James McAfee , McAfee president of marketing, has recommended a referral program with incentive to purchase one month of free subscription .

The program structure was 10 references, the reference Member get free 6-month subscription. Members who have decided to be part of fitness town the SMTP were given elegant to put on your bulletin board Private gym vehicle magnetic signs .

The refinement and growth fitness town

The sport town sponsorship program has been successful in bringing 50 new members during the first two months of its launch . The fitness town total cost of the campaign, including signs of cars, only $ 2500. McAfee refined the cost of the campaign and update website to include a registration page gymnastics, so it is easier to track referrals.

Program used refined car stickers instead of magnets , which all members were distributed through a direct mail campaign . These stickers are very elegant and includes a website URL and a number of unique partner for member reference. Site visitors exploded , which ultimately led to the increase in membership .

conclusion sport town

Marketing fitness town a luxury product or service requires more creativity and ingenuity of mass marketing. The SMTP maintains exclusivity and touched an existing group of luxury buyers , who in turn use their own circles were also likely to be at a similar demographic. The use of car signs , the program has raised awareness for the gym and has also generated a sense of community for luxury buyers .

The campaign sport town was carried out over a period of 1 year and resulted in 450 new members.

Fitness town – The Best Gym and Fitness Club

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