Acne medication pills – Birth Control Best Pills For Acne Cures

Birth Control ? For acne medication pills ? Well , interestingly , is not just something that was done to encourage girls to practice safe sex and birth control pills can also be used for older women . This controversial cure for a bad case of acne is the last resource used by many doctors to help combat this shameful disease.

These pills contain synthetic hormones that works especially well in the stages of puberty to adolescence , as it helps to stabilize irregular hormones found at this stage. These irregular hormones are partially responsible for the appearance of acne medication pills in the first place .

For years , doctors have known about their effectiveness and prescribed as a treatment for patients with acne. Even the acne medication pills has joined the party and began to approve the use of some pills in British Columbia as another way to treat acne.

Although to be honest , doctors are still very reluctant to use these treatments and oral contraceptives usually prescribe other medications and other treatments first acne medication pills .

Once these other methods should be ineffective when doctors use birth control pills and most of the time , doctors suggest the use of oral contraceptives in combination with conventional drug used for acne. It has been shown that this approach is best acne medication pills used instead of only contraceptive acne medication pills .

The synthesis of acne medication pills hormones like progesterone and estrogen found in birth control pills. Ovulation in women is avoided because of these two hormones. Oral contraceptives also inhibit the production of testosterone , which in turn reduces the production of skin oil .

Some birth control pills also keep androgen hormones that reduce the production of acne. On the other hand some oral contraceptives cause acne medication pills more testosterone production and may actually cause the acne problem worse. That is why consulting a doctor prescribed the right pill is important .

Daily acne medication pills doses of oral contraceptives are commonly prescribed by medical professionals and placebo tablets were administered after a period of three weeks to normalize the menstrual cycle. Contraceptive use for acne is a slow process and the results will be seen after three months.

Unfortunately , there are some unpleasant , such as nausea , irritability, breast tenderness , spotting and weight gain common side effects. Unfortunately , acne medication pills in some rare cases , these side effects are more serious in nature and manifests itself in the form of headaches, stroke , hypertension , gallstones , blood clots and depression.

Acne medication pills – Birth Control Best Pills For Acne Cures

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