Female baldness – Top Causes of Female Hair Loss and Baldness Revealed!

Female baldness that occurs in the temple area , edges or sides of the head can be caused by many different diseases.

Frontal fibro sing alopecia female baldness

AF is a newly discovered disease. It was first described in 1994 . Features include symmetrical loss of female balding hair along the top and sides of the hairline in the scalp . It can also result in the total or partial female baldness of eyebrows . This condition does not occur suddenly . It is a slow and gradual process.

The female baldness area gradually further and further behind , forming a “band ” on the top and side edges that looks like a receding hairline . Baldness can be up to five inches beyond the root of the original hair . There may be slight or significant in the appearance of the skin in the affected area contrast . It female balding may appear pale or slightly scars.

The condition was originally called ” postmenopausal AF ” because it is believed to affect only women in menopause. Now is also seen in female baldness. Although it was once considered very rare, is becoming increasingly common . the cause is unknown , but presumably the immune system and / or hormone system may be involved.

Since this is a type of scarring alopecia , scarring occurs beneath the surface . Healing creates a closure on the affected follicle, making it female baldness impossible to produce hair follicle never again. The treatment is to stop female balding the progression instead of trying to re-grow hair that has already been lost . Early intervention is necessary.

aphasics alopecia female baldness

Aphasics is a more serious and dramatic variant of alopecia Arcata . A pattern baldness occurs in the temples, behind the ears , along the sides , and extends to the neck ( or all of the occipital region ) of the neck female baldness.

Bald spots often occur on one side or in a first zone, which gradually connects to each other to form a band around the perimeter of the scalp and the sides along the bottom of the neck . Aphasics is a Greek word meaning snake, with female baldness reference to the snake pattern that forms the disease progresses female balding .

With alopecia Arcata in all its forms , the follicles are not damaged or destroyed, and there is always the possibility of regrown. The prognosis for aphasics is not as positive as in less severe forms of the disease, female baldness but when the follicles are still alive provided the opportunity is there. Early intervention gives better results.

As this is an autoimmune disease , proper treatment includes soothing , nourishing and balancing ( but not over- stimulation) the immune female baldness system and treating hair loss itself. Autoimmune diseases require specific female balding anti-inflammatory diet that may also require the removal of gluten and other potential allergens in food. Natural or synthetic agents can be used for stimulating and follicle stimulating new growth .

Traction alopecia female baldness

Traction is one of the most common causes of temporary thinning in women and girls. This happens to use well drawn systematically over long periods helmet. Mother sustained tension scalp follicle , female balding causing the underlying string follicle follows . Persistent tensions may possibly damage the follicle .

Female baldness – Top Causes of Female Hair Loss and Baldness Revealed!

Female baldness, Female, baldness

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