Cosmetic acne – The Best Cosmetics for Acne

Creams and other cosmetics may restore the dew of young adult faces, but can also restore a minor – beautiful legacy of adolescence and pimples , whiteheads and blackheads. Acne is caused by makeup cosmetic ingredients that can trigger a breakout of acne pimples .

Cosmetic acne do not cause severe acne, a hereditary disease caused by overactive sebaceous glands and poorly drained . Old Scarecrow fry , soft drinks and chocolate is now thought that they are not guilty .

But the long-term use of some cosmetics , especially some moisturizers can block pores and cause pimples, blackheads and whiteheads to form even in adults . Adult women with mild acne often agree that using cosmetics can be the culprit in the cosmetic acne.

Analysis of the common cosmetic ingredients are involved in the appearance of some of the symptoms of acne and other cleared . Among the components so – called ” comedown ” ( formation of black spots ) are : isopropyl prostate, isopropyl esters , oleic acid, esoteric acid , petroleum jelly , lanolin , actuated lanolin alcohols , lanolin fatty acid , linseed oil oil and cocoa butter.

These ingredients are great for dry cosmetic acne areas of the body such as arms, legs, hands and feet, but can cause problems when used on the face.

Common ingredients which generally do not cause imperfections , say , include mineral oil, acetyl palpitate, disaster cosmetic acne unrepentant , cottonseed oil , corn oil , safflower oil , propylene glycol, spermaceti, beeswax and NA laurel sulfate.

In many people , cosmetic acne half of the twenties disappears , but in others, especially women, buttons adulthood rash , especially during ovulation or menstruation . Pimples form when the oily secretions of the skin become clogged and inflamed skin .

Cosmetic acne If an oily plug is exposed to air, turns black , becomes a black dot. A watertight plug remains is a white dot.

The lock button becomes a drain when the follicle pore stretches and breaks , bacteria are rancid fat , cosmetic acne and forms a cyst .

Mild cosmetic acne sometimes responds well to benzyl peroxide preparations sold in pharmacies. Antibiotics and other treatments are prescribed by dermatologists for severe cases .

If your face is very dry a moisturizer can help improve the appearance of skin . Women who are prone to cosmetic acne should avoid cosmetic products that are based on components that tend to cause problems.

Moisturizers do not prevent wrinkles. The only way is to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen outside . The protection should start in childhood , especially to reduce the risk of developing cosmetic acne cancer.

If you believe cosmetic acne and can be caused by makeup , the best way to determine if this is the culprit is to go to a makeup that contains no known ingredients that cause problems .

Cosmetic acne – The Best Cosmetics for Acne

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