Steroid acne – Get Rid of Acne in One Best Single Shot

Steroid acne is an inflammatory type of acne is very painful and is the most serious . This condition is the result of non- nodular acne be treated which results in the expansion of acne nodules .

The continual growth of the nodules steroid acne and swelling can cause rupture of the lesions on the surface of the skin. Fluids present in nodules infiltrating the surrounding skin inflammation worse .

Studies have shown that cystic acne is more common in adolescents and young adults. It was also noted that cystic steroid acne tends to run in families . However, this condition can affect anyone . Most people who develop cystic acne also have other types of acne, including whiteheads, pimples and pustules.

Although quite severe , this condition develops in the same way as other types of acne . In other words, excessive secretion of sebum, dead skin cells and the excessive presence of a large number of bacteria that cause acne . Be a severe form of acne, it’s a little difficult to treat than other types of treats steroid acne. Some of these methods have proven effective in the treatment of cystic acne are as follows .

Acceptance steroid acne

This medicine is also known as Listerine . It is generally prescribed for the treatment of cystic acne when acne does not respond to treatment with other antibiotics. Acceptance is a form of vitamin A that inhibits the action of the sebaceous glands of the steroid acne skin. In other words, it works by preventing the production of sebum in the hair follicles.

Although it was found to be very effective in the treatment of steroid acne , Acceptance has serious side effects , especially when used in pregnant women. It causes severe birth defects in the fetus if used during pregnancy. Other side effects associated with this drug include alopecia and problems of the skin, nails and eyes , depression , erectile dysfunction and liver damage. Acceptance use only under the supervision of a qualified professional health adviser .

antibiotics steroid acne

The oral and topical antibiotics such as erythromycin and tetracycline can also be used for the treatment of steroid acne. These drugs help reduce inflammation and the amount of bacteria that cause acne on the skin.

However, these drugs can not prevent recurrence of cystic acne and have potential side effects such as skin irritation , stomach pain and yeast infections in women.

Steroid acne – Get Rid of Acne in One Best Single Shot

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