Bald actors – Being Best Bald and Trendy

We will never tolerate insults, bald actors but some classic names for a disputed follicular could be bald , ball boy or Mr. Clean . If you have lost your hair, you should really celebrate instead of being sad – especially since 14 October is bald and free day .

This special day is for the 40 million of you in the U.S. suffering from ontogenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern bald actors . While singing her secrets lead a ” hair band ” dreams may be gone forever, there are still plenty of opportunities for a bald attention. In fact, some popular characters would Bald great costume to celebrate this Halloween hairless later this month.

There are many well known on the big screen the bald actors and most of them describe quite tough, manly guys – take Samuel Jackson, Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel for example.

And then octogenarian Scot Sean Conner , who was voted ” Sexiest Man ” by People magazine in 1989 – and it was then that he was bald Consider dressing up in costume to celebrate Day of James Bond! Bald actors and free!

Other costume ideas for bald actors and free day is to dress as favorite goofy dad all of the animated series that bears his name blue collar – Homer Simpson. From what we can tell, it takes only one or two random hairs on top of his head , a look that can be achieved with a tailored latex mask .

For a more evil character , suitable as Dr. Evil in the series of ” Austin Powers ” movies with all that is needed is a Nehru jacket , ring in rose gold and bald actors head .

Many famous athletes are also challenged in the hair department more . Take NBA superstar Michael Jordan , WWF wrestler Steve “Stone Cold” Austin, or a tennis player Andre Bagasse, who later revealed that long bald actors .

Being bald is not just a thing of men, some women are bald actors by choice or circumstance . Remember when actress Demi Moore long hair shaved to play in the movie “GI Jane ” or when Britney Spears Celebrates cut for the lead role in a nervous hair!

Bald actors – Being Best Bald and Trendy

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