Cat acne – Taking a Closer Look at Feline Acne

Cat acne or call veterinarian, feline acne is very common. It usually develops in the chin area of the animal, but found that it can appear anywhere .

But you must ensure that the condition cat acne is not really acne and other skin diseases .

There are several conditions that can mimic this. It is a fungal infection on his chin. Another cat acne disease is a bacterial staph infection or ringworm.

Both look like they could be acne. Finally, older cats , there are immunological diseases that can mimic this, but in reality is more serious and should be treated immediately .

After having a veterinarian check your pet and it was determined that , in fact, have cat acne, then they will try and remove.

Most of the time your pet are recommended to take antibiotics for ten to twenty -one days depending on the extent of the disease.

If it appears that the lesions are deep enough , then they will think twenty days of full use prescription .

Most veterinarians recommend two tablespoons in a quart of hot water. Take a soft, thin towel and soak it in a solution of water and Epsom salt .

Then place the towel over the cat acne and allow the salt solution into the skin. This will certainly accelerate the cure of this disease.

Cat acne – Taking a Closer Look at Feline Acne

Cat acne, Acne, Cat

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