Hair falling out women – Is Female Hormonal Hair Loss One of The Causes of Balding in Women

The woman’s face and hair falling out women hormone may be one of the causes of baldness in women. If you happen to be one of the nearly 40 % of women who suffer from hair loss , I know you want to do everything possible to solve the problem.

You’re probably wondering , I really do not know one of my friends who are losing their hair . You’re probably right , because women do not lose their hair as much as men . Unlike men hair falling out women goes through a thinning process therefore requires a period of time to become noticeable.

As a hair falling out women, you are blessed with a hormone called estrogen that balances the biggest culprit of hair loss called DT. Indeed DT Dehydrates means . If the last half of this long word defines testosterone is observed that a major hair loss in men factor .

I do not know if you know this , but women have testosterone as men, but at much lower levels . So it seems like a woman with low levels of testosterone and estrogen to help balance this reason you should be stuck with your hair falling out women .

An answer to this question is that hormones may be out of balance resulting in one of the causes of hair falling out women. So ask yourself this is my female hormone imbalance causing my hair loss.

So this could be one of the reasons that could cause your hormones to lose balance , therefore , make hair falling out women ?

If you took birth control pills for a long period of time and decide to stop taking them for health reasons or trying to get pregnant, you can throw your hormones out of control and cause temporary hair falling out women.

Many women when they are pregnant have a pretty full of hair . This is because during pregnancy your hormone levels change and loss of hair goes through some kind of inactive rest phase.

Once the baby is delivered the hormones return to normal levels causing a portion of hair falling out women to fall . Do not worry, over time your hair should go back to pre-pregnancy levels.

Hair falling out women – Is Female Hormonal Hair Loss One of The Causes of Balding in Women

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