Average hair growth – The Normal Cycle of Hair Growth and Hair Loss

To understand hair loss , it is important to understand the basic concepts of normal growth cycle of hair. The growth cycle starts from the papilla cells at the base of hair follicles in the skin. The cycle consists of three phases , manage , Cartage , average hair growth and telegenic phases.

Manage is the period of rapid average hair growth follicles . Meanwhile, the cells of the root line of the hair rapidly , adding to the length of the hair shaft . This phase lasts for two to six years , and after this time , average hair growth a kind of signal is sent to the follicle to proceed to the next phase, which is the Cartagena phase.

The Cartagena phase is a short transition phase after manage . This regression period is when the hair stops average hair growth and the follicle starts shrinking. The bottom of the follicle is gradually and the structure of the bulb base disintegrates follicle disappears.

The hair follicle has a loose cut in the base of the hair shaft . During this period, which lasts two to three weeks, the hair shaft may be the same as during normal activities such as shampoo, combing and brushing average hair growth .

The last phase is the resting phase of the hair cycle called telegenic . It lasts about three months, which is characterized by dormant follicles . The shedding of hair is a normal part of the telegenic phase average hair growth and appears as filaments in pillows, clothes brush and drain after shampooing. This is the reason why a degree of loss of hair is normal daily .

The average number of hairs lost per day varies from 50 to 100 strands of hair follicles due complete manage. Of course , average hair growth around 50 to 100 strands manage phase also return every day for hair loss is not really noticeable .

At the end of the last phase , the hair follicle re-enters the manage phase and begins to grow to normal size . A new hair begins to grow in the new bulb and the cycle progresses hair growth as usual. The whole cycle of the average hair growth scalp takes three to four years.

And there you have it , the complete cycle of normal average hair growth . Anything that can go wrong between either lead to thick hair or otherwise – hair loss !

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Average hair growth – The Normal Cycle of Hair Growth and Hair Loss

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