Boron supplement – The best Roles of This Trace Mineral in Your Body

Boron supplement is a trace mineral , which means you only need small amounts to human health . It was not until 1990 , was considered an essential mineral for humans , and studies are underway on exactly what roles it plays in the body and its importance. In fact it was not until 1981 ( when a study showed that it was essential for the growth of chicks) was itself considered essential for animals.

functions boron supplement

The main functions are boron supplement uptake , aiding in its skeleton three specific minerals, calcium , phosphorus and magnesium. One study showed that Elsa rabbit renal (kidney ) P uptake increased boron, and a study in rats showed that both deficiency and excess leads to poor absorption of the three minerals. In humans the strongest evidence is in the junction between the boron and magnesium absorption .

There is some evidence that boron improves metabolism of copper, other trace element . boron supplement also helps regulate testosterone levels and thus indirectly affects muscle growth. Another hormone , estrogen , is known to be activated by the boron . And this trace mineral can convert vitamin D into a usable form .

Your dental health is also promoted by an optimal level of boron supplement. Both insufficient and excessive amounts can lead to dental caries ( cavities caused by a soft carious tooth , which can lead to tooth loss if left untreated area ) .

Food sources boron supplement

All food sources of boron are plant sources. They range in dates, raisins and prunes almonds and peanuts , soy , beans and legumes , some fruits and vegetables. The best sources of fruits are apples, pears and grapes. And the best plant sources are green leafy vegetables , reflecting the fact that boron is a key element in strengthening the cell walls of plants.

The recommended daily allowances , deficiency and excess boron supplement

There is no consensus on the exact recommended daily amount , ranging from 0.5 mg to 2 mg . The main symptom of deficiency is osteoporosis, bone fragility caused by bone demineralization , particularly calcium and inorganic phosphorus . A study conducted by the Department of postmenopausal women who received an additional 3 mg per day of boron supplement U.S. Agriculture , showed reduced calcium excretion by 44% , and the reduction of 33 % magnesium excretion

The causes of the deficiency, in addition to poor diet, including excessive sweating, diuretic drug abuse , and chronic diarrhea and vomiting .

The excess of boron supplement deficiency similar effects , mainly poor absorption of essential minerals for strong bones . So boron supplements not advised unless prescribed by a doctor. You will have enough boron for healthy diet .

Boron supplement – The best Roles of This Trace Mineral in Your Body

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