Basal skin cancer – Signs, Causes, Treatments and Prevention

Basal skin cancer (often misspelled as Basil ) is probably the most common form of skin cancer in the world .

Basal skin cancer starts in the lower layer of the epidermis ( skin ) , called the basal cell layer . Approximately eighty percent of the skin cancers are diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma . This figure used to be higher ( 90%), but cases of melanoma are rising unfortunately.

This is a slow-growing basal skin cancer spreads to other parts of the body by the bloodstream uncommon . This cancer is usually not fatal, but can become severely disfigured if not treated.

Basal skin cancer is caused by BC repeated ultraviolet ( UV) exposure . The sources of such radiation from the sun and tanning beds (no big surprise there). The intense UV exposure , such as sunburn can significantly increase the occurrence of basal cell cancer rays.

BC can be difficult to detect early on, as almost to the regular functions of the skin looks like. BC basal skin cancer is almost always in your face , neck , arms and legs (especially the parts of the body that are exposed to sunlight ) .

Here are some things to look for:

Dark skin that does not heal – . Red Zone

– The heads that resemble light bulbs never explode.

– Lesions (holes in the basal skin cancer) that never heal alone .

If you experience any of these will make an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible basal skin cancer.

Treatment of basal cell basal skin cancer

The treatment varies depending on the size, depth and location of the basal cell carcinoma .

Treatment options may include surgery, Moths surgery , radiation, cryosurgery ( freezing the basal skin cancer cells) , topical chemotherapy and photo dynamic therapy . He treated basal Moths is by far the best way to prevent posterior basal cancer ( about the opportunity to return one percent ), while other forms of treatment of basal cells are less effective ( a return rate of ten percent ) . Moths is a surgical procedure that involves removal of the tumor tissue layer by layer . Each of the layers of tissue are then analyzed for the microscopic cancer cells .

Prevent cancer basal cell

The best way to prevent skin cancer is basal cell protect the exposed areas of the skin to UV rays. Always try to use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 ( and does not contain Oxygen if possible) . Covering is the best way to prevent sun damage. Also, keep in mind that when the clothes are wet , they lose half their protection from harmful UV rays.

Remember that a bad sunburn increases significantly the chances of cancer is skin cancer or basal skin cancer melanoma .

Basal skin cancer – Signs, Causes, Treatments and Prevention

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