Skin cancer symptoms – Skin Cancer Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Skin cancer symptoms is a disease that can easily be caused by the environment of a person living or working environment . Therefore, the number of people are suffering from or diagnosed with it is increasing . Unfortunately, many patients do not seek treatment in time because they are not familiar with the symptoms of skin cancer.

Experts say that early detection of the disease can help increase the chances of the fight against the disease in a person. To facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of disease , the following symptoms of skin cancer symptoms associated with the various forms.

Skin cancer symptoms of squeamish cell carcinoma

Squeamish cell carcinoma is a type of cancer that develops very quickly. Its main skin cancer symptoms is a skin ulcer in a modus or cauliflower shaped with remarkable inflammation around . It can penetrate the skin and can even cause bone pain . Besides pain, ulcers will also be accompanied by a bad smell caused by purulent infection that often occurs in these types of skin ulcer . In the final stages , the disease can lead to large ulcers on the patient’s head , can bleed easily and require regular treatment.

The skin cancer symptoms of basal cell carcinoma

Basal cell skin cancer symptoms carcinoma is more difficult to identify, especially because it has no early symptoms. The only symptom that is associated with this , in the early stages , is a rigid papule that grows on the skin, usually on the nose , cheeks , forehead or back of the hand .

These have no inflammation. Finally , it skin cancer symptoms will cause damage to the irregularly shaped ulcers . They grow slowly and usually do not spread to other body parts . Tissue invades the inner skin .

Identify the skin cancer symptoms

As the disease usually manifests as skin cancer symptoms ulcers or spots , it is important to be able to identify who ulcer or defect can be caused by cancer and is a common place .

An ulcer of the skin caused by cancer is usually a mixture of brown, black , red, white , and blue. The color tends to change nevus ulcer . It will also have a rough surface with shells, and can also be accompanied by bleeding. The skin around the injury may also suffer edema , turning gray or white. Most of the time.

If these symptoms are observed skin cancer , it is important that the patient consult a physician in a specialized cancer hospital .

Skin cancer symptoms – Skin Cancer Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

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