Skin lupus – Get Rid of Skin Rash

Whenever there is a talk about lupus or lupus , the role of the skin is more than significant . On all parts of the body , the skin lupus is more sensitive and affected by lupus , also known as systemic lupus erythema .

First, the skin lupus of the problem is the support , while on the other hand , the skin is an important factor , or in other words , the elements that contribute to better diagnosis of disease.

There are basically two types of eruption and lupus are known as molar rash and discoid rash . The molar rash appears on the face and like many other types of rash, which is not having an oval or a circle type , skin lupus it has the shape of a butterfly.

The most affected areas are the face around the nose and cheeks. The appearance of discoid rash is due to discoid lupus erythema . With skin lupus most people who have their types rash or lupus , the main symptoms imagined that extreme sun exposure.

Whenever people develop lupus, experience is never free of any type of rash and undergo the treatment of skin lupus , diagnosis is the only option.

Most of the time , the point immediately to the diagnosis , while in other cases , some skin examinations can help increase the level of certainty about the diagnosis of rashes . This is also known as a skin lupus biopsy .

Some doctors use the process of eleven criteria for diagnosing lupus. There is always an individual treatment plan for lupus begins for each individual and with the participation of a health care professional .

Skin lupus – Get Rid of Skin Rash

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