Cancerous moles – What Does a Cancerous Mole Look Like?

Not all cancerous moles and moles are all alike moles melanoma skin cancer . If you want to know, ” What is a cancerous mole look like? ” Then you must know what normal moles appear first.

The scientific term for moles is nevi . A normal mole is symmetrical. This means that if you folded in half , the cancerous moles halves match or be very close to matching. The limits of a normal mole is smooth and uniform in all directions . The color of a normal mole varies. They are black , brown, flesh tones, red, blue and translucent. They are generally uniform color . Some are flat , some are high and some moles are almost bulbous and very sweet.

Normal cancerous moles grow in different layers of the skin and this is a way to classify them. Those that grow in the epidermis , the outer layer of skin , are functional nevus . This type of moles is substantially flat on the skin , but may be slightly raised. A second type of moles has both the cells of the dermis and the epidermis and is a known compound nevi . These are higher than the junction nevus and brown to black. The third type of moles grows in the dermis , the inner layer of the skin. They are brown in skin tone and often soft and high to form a small mound or ball on the surface of the skin.

Some cancerous moles normal that the grains are cancerous air beauty blue nevus . The color of these moles are often confused with cancerous tumors.

Most normal cancerous moles are less than six mm. Very large moles that remain the same throughout life are often not cancerous .

Now that you know what a normal cancerous moles appears, what is a cancerous mole look like? First cancerous moles have irregular edges. There are twists in the boundaries that have normal moles . Normal moles are round or oval in their majority.

Then normal moles are symmetrical. The moles are not cancerous. Sometimes a cancerous mole has slots on one side, but otherwise is perfectly smooth. There is no way either side match .

Cancerous moles tend to have uneven color . The color is usually not uniform throughout the cancerous moles .

Cancerous moles ulcerate and bleed sometimes . A sign that you should send a doctor immediately is bleeding mole.

Some moles are atypical, which means it does not match the model of normal moles , but are not cancerous . These are dysplastic cancerous moles moles. Sometimes they turn into cancer, but are not necessarily cancerous. which are asymmetrical and often resemble cancerous tumors.

If you can remember the first four letters of the alphabet , you will know what to look for when looking for a cancerous mole . For B irregular edges with edges , C is the lack of uniform color and D cancerous moles is the diameter and up to six millimeters. Also, pay attention to any mole that suddenly where before there was nothing .

Cancerous moles – What Does a Cancerous Mole Look Like?

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