Gym songs – 7 Best Beatles Workout Songs

I ‘m old fashioned in my tastes and my favorite group of all time is the Flab Four from Liverpool, The Beatles. I have all the Beatles gym songs , even more rare, on my iPod and I always carry with me to the gym when I workout .

Naturally, not everyone is a Megalomaniac as I am , so do not expect you to have all your songs, but if you want to know what are the best gym songs of the Beatles training , I can suggest a few:

1 . I Feel Fine – A short but super catchy melody sung by John Lennon with the rest of the band on vocals . This number can be gym songs reached in a better mood in seconds .

2 . Twist and Shout – This is actually a cover that the Beatles made their first album of an American gym songs, but it withstood the test of time release. The words ” Shake it now baby ” should be sufficient to prove that this is an impressive formation of song.

3 . Oh dear – I love this song at the end . I think it is crazy crazy guitar and vocals in this song Paul McCartney Abbey Road to make it a favorite of all time mine . The choir should help raise the greatest weight gym songs , no matter what exercise you are currently doing .

4 . I Saw Her Standing There – A great song from the first Beatles album . This number is a great gym songs cardio and working on strength training too. Fast, upbeat, and powerful, you need more.

5 . Eleanor Rigby – I know, it’s not a rock song , but something in the rhythm of the strings of this song make it a gym songs powerful number that always strikes me on a deeper level of concentration and allows me to better workout .

6 . Day Tripper – This song has never been featured in a major gym songs Beatles albums , but still earned a No. 1 spot in the charts. And why not, this is one of the catchiest I’ve heard time in my life songs.

7 . Hard Days Night – John Lennon looks like a hero of the working class in this song gives you the feeling that it is better to put a little more into your routine yourself. I love this song in particular because both John and Paul sing on it and is really fast and furious as a training track should be gym songs.

One thing you should know is that most of the Beatles songs are rather short, and you may need a little more to cover all of their training.

Gym songs – 7 Best Beatles Workout Songs

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