Skin cancer statistics – Ozone Depletion and Skin Cancer

Skin cancer statistics , premature skin aging , cataracts and other eye damage and the removal of the proper functioning of the immune system of the body are the main health problems associated with overexposure to ultraviolet ( UV) .

The UV radiation is present in sunlight . 93-99 % of this potentially dangerous ultraviolet light is absorbed by the ozone layer skin cancer statistics , a current layer in the atmosphere containing a high concentration of ozone .

But since the late U.S.S.R. , much of the stratospheric ozone layer that protects was gradually disappearing . There is a hole the size of the continent of North America in the layer above Antarctica skin cancer statistics .

Less dramatic but significant depletion have been reported worldwide. Further depletion of the ozone layer and subsequent skin cancer statistics exposure to UV rays from the sun, has the potential to cause untold damage to life on Earth.

Hydrofluoric ( CFC) are an important industrial compound. These are certain essential compounds used in processes such as cooling the material , the foam conditioning and aerosols. There are no natural sources of these compounds – their presence in the atmosphere is due entirely to human manufacture skin cancer statistics.

The main causes of the destruction of the ozone layer are CFC gases. In the presence of UV radiation skin cancer statistics , the compounds of the gas release chlorine atoms . The chlorine can destroy a large number of atoms and of the destruction of the ozone can be up to two years . This phenomenon was observed in the late U.S.S.R..

The link between the depletion of the ozone skin cancer statistics layer and skin cancer is very clear. Over the past 40 years, the world has witnessed an alarming increase in the incidence of malignant skin cancer , 1% decrease in the area is estimated that the layer can result in a 2-3% increase in the incidence of skin cancer .

Skin cancer statistics – Ozone Depletion and Skin Cancer

Skin cancer statistics, Skin, cancer statistics

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