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Calfit – One Best for Check Your Calorie Intake to Stay Fit

Philip J. Hoffman is a fitness and nutrition expert with over 30 years experience in the industry of health and fitness. He owns a gym calfit web-based , nutrition and consulting company blogs , write and publish eBooks for subscribers cal fit .

Philip started as a high school athlete , which led calfit to a career in competitive bodybuilding . After several years of training, Philippe won two state championships bodybuilding. He then moved to Los Angeles, where he earned a degree in biology from California State University and Certified Trainer certification and started body image, a private gym training company great success . A decade later , Philip sold his business and turned his attention to expanding their knowledge and skills .

Philip moved to Washington DC, where he earned a master’s calfit degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, cal fit Georgetown University. Back to Los Angeles, he continued his studies obtaining an MBA in Finance from California Polytechnic University .

The cal fit substance of his scientific studies calfit , led Philip to begin to change the way I looked Fitness: Although exercise is essential in the production of a molded body , nutrition is just as important in the change in body composition for becoming fat .

Thanks to its cutting-edge knowledge , and the integration of the concepts and principles of biochemistry and physiology calfit of nutrition, systematically studied all the major philosophies of food and nutrition programs in the past two decades.

Philip is known for his ability to translate nutrition science into practice calfit to understand and just focus on strategies that get results . Philip brings real experience of the principles presented in Hoffman system life cal fit. Learned much about what works and what does not work.

After his bodybuilding competitions , fitness and postgraduate vocational studies , the time of Felipe now mainly calfit consumed with writing and developing several products in the production of e-books in 2013.

Now 51, cal fit he is Phil in the best condition of his life. He attributes his health and fitness to practice the same principles he teaches in calfit system requirements .

Unlike most quick fix programs on the market, its principles have ” stood the test of time. ” Felipe became a model for calfit the application of fitness and lifestyle , and does exactly what he wants to help others transform their lives.

Calfit – One Best for Check Your Calorie Intake to Stay Fit

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