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Melanoma photos – Sign of Hidden Melanoma in the Body

Rarely experienced by patients with melanoma pain , but if you experience symptoms of melanoma photos skin pain , chances are you have what they call the hidden melanoma.

Typically , melanoma develops on the skin , but in some cases may occur in other parts of the body such as the eye , within the nose or mouth . These are what we call hidden melanomas.

Types of melanoma photos with symptoms of pain

If you experience pain or swelling in any part of the body , with slight changes in the color of the skin of the infected area , chances are that there are no hidden melanoma. Here with symptoms of pain hidden some types of melanoma photos.

female genitalia

Women who suffer from melanoma photos in the female genital experience pain symptoms of melanoma, particularly in the labia or lips. Typical signs that go hand in hand with pain are vaginal discharge , bleeding and itching. In advanced stages of melanoma can finally discover the odor , vaginal pain, more vaginal discharge and vaginal bleeding . It is always best to consult your gynecologist when there is an abnormality in the functioning or appearance of their genitals.


This guy will definitely experience pain symptoms melanoma photos that is often confused with hemorrhoids because of the similarity of the pain felt by the patient. However, if a case of hemorrhoids pain or not, you should always consult a specialist if you find a bug.

urinary tract melanomas photos

You may also experience symptoms of painful urination if your melanoma photos suddenly developed in the urinary tract . It couples with frequent urination and blood in the urine. 

Melanoma photos – Sign of Hidden Melanoma in the Body

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